I was born on the cemetery under the sign of the moon… oh wait, a few words about me:

I’m a singer and songwriter and I also enjoy making vocal covers.
My vocals range from ethereal to modern clean and from aggressive to extreme/brutal, but my favorite genres to work with are on the extreme metal spectrum (yes, growls, grunts, cookie-monster-haterz-are-gonna-hate).

I’m the vocalist and founder of death metal band AfterBlood, vocalist and bassist of black metal band Christfuck and one of the projects I’ve been involved in the past is Darcode (rock/groove).

Apart from music, I express myself a lot through making masks, artworks and paintings, you can find a few of my works here and you can also follow me on facebook and twitter. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the latest updates from my music projects.

I also love capturing with my camera some of the unseen and dark entities we all keep inside…